Nicholas Mohnacky
June 9, 2020

Working Smarter Together

Nicholas Mohnacky
June 9, 2020

Tired of organizing and searching?

As a company, we set out to eliminate the frustrations knowledge workers experience managing company-wide information.

Earlier today, I peered over a friend's shoulder as he was drafting a note in bundleIQ and simultaneously looking for a pitch deck in Slack for no less than 10 minutes before I walked away. I don't know if he ever found the link to the deck, but if he didn't then he for sure asked someone else in his company to help him.

What if there were a way for a system to intelligently suggest assets while you work?

IDC data shows that "the knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information. Much of the time, workers still can't find the information required to do their best work quickly.

At bundleIQ, we believe in working smarter together which is why we are doing more to solve the knowledge management problem.

For starters, here are three ways bundleIQ can support your efforts right away.

1. Create a Workspace - Segment your project, department, or company into their individual spaces.

2. Create a Bundle - Group team notes into categories like marketing, design, or HR.

3. Use a Tag - Filter content using hashtags

Nicholas Mohnacky
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