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About bundleIQ

We believe that people struggle to access useful insights at the right time, especially across teams and organizations. So, we created an AI-powered platform that delivers meaningful and unexpected connections between ideas.

These moments of inspiration happen when forgotten information or buried content becomes available to users as they work. We achieve this by offering an AI-powered workspace that connects knowledge workers to relevant data in real-time from internal and external sources.

By connecting people to knowledge, bundleIQ supports sense-making, collaboration, and creativity.

A Proven Team

Our team consists of a NASA fellow turn engineer, professors, a machine learning architect, a senior software engineer, a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, and myself, a marketer and startup community builder. We are excited to make bundleIQ the go-to hub for the world's knowledge workers.

Contact Us

Email: hello@bundleIQ.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/getbundleiq