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Engineered for Eureka Moments

Meet your new sidekick

Find deeper connections and go beyond the obvious with bundleIQ. Powered by artificial intelligence, bundleIQ works beside you as you write, seeking out relevant connections, pulling up hard-to-find files, and suggesting resources that might have escaped your attention.
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Connect your knowledge

You create. IQ aggregates. Tap into your body of work to spotlight meaningful connections in older drafts and docs. Working on a team? Tap into your colleagues’ knowledge, too. IQ puts the buzz in the hive mind.

Work anywhere and everywhere

Mobile, PC, tablet, Google apps, Slack, and beyond. Designed for today’s office-agnostic workforce, IQ works for you when you’re not working at a desk.

Collaborate with AI

A new era of creativity, planning, and execution is here. Powered by OpenAI’s ground-breaking GPT-3, IQ puts the power of neural networks and predictive modeling at your fingertips.

How it Works


AI mind extension in three easy steps


The magic happens when you connect the apps you love
Available Data Sources
Google Drive
Google Docs
Climate Report
Future Data Sources

Compliance Checklist

  • Data protection taken into account each time we process data.
  • Encrypt, pseudonymize, or anonymize personal data whenever possible.
  • Internal security policy for our team members and security awareness building strategy.
  • Secure and compliant data storage.

Your data belongs to you, period.

You should have total control over how it is accessed and used. IQ follows the most stringent security protocols to ensure your data is secure, including state of the art encryption and full compliance with rigorous privacy standards. We believe our users should enjoy the same level of data security that we expect for ourselves, full stop.