July 21, 2023

Turn Your Podcast into an AI-powered Search Engine

Nicholas Mohnacky

Using the bundleIQ API, we will transform your podcast into an AI-powered search engine in no time.

From Podcast to Search Engine

Some benefits of turning podcast transcriptions into a semantic search engine:  

  • Semantic search* takes you beyond keyword-based search
  • Reference key segments in the transcripts
  • Gain knowledge and insights from the show
  • As a listener, you get to explore various concepts within the show and discover related episodes based your interests.

Request a Quote

To get started, drop the link to your podcast and website in an email - Click here.

If you want help transcribing, no problem, just let us know. Alternatively, you're welcome to use the bundleIQ API and develop a solution for yourself.

*A podcast semantic search engine is a search engine that uses podcast metadata to provide more relevant results for a given search query. This metadata can include things like the title of the podcast, the podcast description, transcripts of the podcast episodes, and other data that can help identify the content of the podcast. This data can be used to help improve the search results for a given query by providing more relevant results that are more likely to be of interest to the user.

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