Nicholas Mohnacky
June 30, 2022

AI-powered note-taking

Nicholas Mohnacky
June 30, 2022

We built an AI-powered note taking app that helps you organize, summarize, and recall information. It also makes connections and relationships between pieces of information to help you better understand and remember what you've learned.

There are many benefits to using bundleIQ, an AI that intelligently recommends useful insights from your knowledge base. 

  1. 'IQ can help you find the information you need more quickly and easily. 
  2. 'IQ can help you better understand the information 
  3. 'IQ can help you make better decisions 
  4. 'IQ can help you avoid making mistakes 

For example, suppose you're working on a project to build a rocket ship, and you are trying to determine which type of fuel to use. In that case, an AI that was able to offer relevant contextual suggestions might recommend that you use a kerosene-based fuel because it is more efficient.

'IQ Features and Functionality

Web and iOS App


  • Workspaces - A workspace is a knowledge base, a digital space where you can store and organize your notes and knowledge.
  • Bundles - A bundle in note-taking and knowledge management is a collection of notes and related materials on a specific topic. 
  • Tags - A tag is a keyword or phrase assigned to a piece of information (such as a category, topic, or subtopic) to help describe and organize it.
  • Discussions - Discussions can be used to manage comments by appending information on notes so that it can be accessed and used later.


  • Add Note - Notes are a form of writing that allows individuals to capture and organize thoughts, ideas, and information. 
  • Import Files - A quick way to add books, transcripts, and other useful information to your knowledge base

Chrome Extension Functionality

Widget Right-click 

  • Save as Note - A quick-save web clipper where you can highlight and save content from anywhere on the web.
  • Analyze - Typically used while researching, the analyze function lets you discover connections in your knowledge base while browsing the web.

Widget Auto-functionality

  • Connect - This AI-powered assistant makes serendipitous connections by surfacing unexpected and timely links between pieces of information that can lead to new insights and discoveries.

Toolbar Functionality

  • Semantic Search - Semantic search is a search technique that uses natural language processing to return results based on the meaning of the search query rather than on the individual keywords that make up the query.

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