Nicholas Mohnacky
August 23, 2022

The Best Note-taking App for Students

Nicholas Mohnacky
August 23, 2022

The Future of Student Note-Taking is AI-Powered

If you Google "Best note-taking apps for students," you'll find blog posts that suggest the typical cast of characters like Evernote, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Simplenote, Apple Notes, etc...

And, you wouldn't be remiss to think these apps are sufficient.

An ideal note-taking app for students should help them organize their thoughts and ideas and make it easy to find and review their notes at a later date. The app should also offer sharing with others and provide an easy way to export and import content.

That's the benchmark for the best student note-taking app, but what about the future of note-taking for students?

Amplifying Student Potential with Augmented Intelligence

A future-forward app augments student intelligence by helping them document, understand, and remember information. e.g., Imagine being able to upload a school textbook and getting insights from the book as you take notes.

With bundleIQ, you CAN do this. Users can upload school textbooks and get AI-powered insights while writing. As users type, the AI suggests related facts they might not have considered otherwise. "Hey, check out page 27 in this textbook. Or, Here's some content from Note B that might be useful." Click here to see it in action.

Additionally, bundleIQ can help students understand complex concepts by providing explanations in plain language. Using the bundleIQ extension, users can highlight text and right-click "summarize" to generate a simpler version of the content.

Add bundleIQ to your workflow and employ palpable research and writing superpowers.

Nicholas Mohnacky
Tech Entrepreneur & Surfer