July 21, 2023

Search Results Relevance Scores

Nicholas Mohnacky

Our neural search engine takes into account a variety of factors when ranking search results. This includes the keywords used, the meaning of those keywords, and the intent behind the search. By taking all of these things into account, bundleIQ is able to provide more accurate and relevant results.

The Semantic Search Relevance Score

The relevance score is determined by how well the search terms match the meaning of the search results. A score of 0 means no match, and a 100 indicates that the terms fit perfectly.  Our Semantic Search relevance score is based on the semantic meaning of the search terms and their relationship to the search results. This means that we take into account the literal meaning of the words and how they are used in context.

The Aa Icon: What It Means and How to Use It

The Aa icon indicates the result is based on a keyword density match and ranks the result from most relevant to least relevant. This means that the result is based on how often the keyword appears on the page. For example, if you search for "red shoes," a result with the Aa icon and a ranking of 1 means that "red shoes" appears more often on that page than any other result.

Note: the numbered results are pure AI matches rather than keyword-based results. In other words, the results are based on what the AI thinks is relevant, not just keywords.

How to Use the Master Search Bar and Analyze Text

The Master Search Bar is located at the top of the workspace. To use it, type in the text you're looking for. The scores will appear in a list below the search bar (Figure A).  

Figure A

You can also analyze text from a note by clicking the "Analyze" button. This will open up a sidebar with the results of the analysis (Figure B).

Figure B
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