July 21, 2023

Notion Beta

Nicholas Mohnacky

Introducing the Notion Integration

This integration aims to make you more productive and organized by automatically connecting you to knowledge from your Notion Workspace in real-time as you work.

The premise: bundleIQ intelligently surfaces relevant insights from Notion via semantic search and AI-powered writing assistance. 

How to use the Notion Integration

Start by syncing your account: Go to app.bundleiq.com/account/integrations.

Install the Chrome Extension: Go to https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bundleiq/olidoialnlcdepmehacnojkhanbfkmbc?hl=en

Once your account has been authenticated, we'll run your Notion pages through our AI and start connecting the dots in your data. 

Perform a semantic search against your Notion data: Install the bundleIQ Chrome Extension, click the puzzle icon and pin the extension to the toolbar (reference screenshot). Click the bundleIQ icon to perform a search. Note: It takes about 20 minutes to start seeing Notion results after syncing your account.

Access Your Notion Data from Anywhere

With the bundleIQ chrome extension, you can access your Notion data from anywhere. When performing a Google search, you'll see the bundleIQ widget show up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Additionally, you can click on the extension in the toolbar and perform a semantic search.

Searches will deliver content from your Notion Workspace and bundleIQ Workspace.

Search results coming from your knowledge base

Additional Chrome Extension Functionality

  1. Save notes from anywhere on the web highlight copy and right-click "Save as Note."
  2. Analyze content from anywhere on the web highlight copy and right-click "Analyze" - this performs a semantic search on the highlighted copy.

Ok, are you ready to supercharge your Notion Workspace?  Click here to sign up >>

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