July 21, 2023

New Feature: AI-Powered Word Processor

Nicholas Mohnacky

We're excited to announce that our AI-powered editor is now available!

Using GPT-3's generative AI models, we supercharged your word-processing capabilities so that you can easily create content. No more writer's block, no more searching for inspiration, and no more wasted time. With our new editor, you'll be able to get your ideas down quickly and easily without any distractions. Here's what's new in bundleIQ's generative AI word processor.

Watch the Video to See it in Action

Title Generator

Title Generator creates titles for your articles, blog posts, or even essays. With this feature, you can quickly develop a catchy title that will grab attention and make people want to read what you have to say.

Headline Generator

Headline Generator creates H1 headlines for your content. Select a paragraph(s) and click "Generate Headline."

Paragraph Generator

Paragraph Generator creates paragraphs of text. It's simple to use - select the content you want to reference and click the button. A new section will be generated automatically.

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis determines whether a piece of writing is positive, negative, or neutral. It can analyze reviews, articles, social media posts, and other text forms.

Meeting Notes Summarization

Meeting Notes Summarization is the process of creating a summary of a meeting. Summarize your shorthand notes into an intelligible narrative. This can be done by taking notes during a meeting or recording the meeting and transcribing it later, and summarizing the transcript.

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