June 13, 2024

Introducing Alani AI's Updated Navigation: Elevate Your Research, Writing, and Knowledge Management

Nicholas Mohnacky

You may already be familiar with Alani AI's powerful research, writing, and knowledge management capabilities, but we've recently updated the way you access your information and interact with the platform. Let's dive into the key new features:

New Chat Thread
Kickstart your next exploration by creating a new chat thread. Select from your bundles or individual files, choose one of the seven language models, and set the research or writing mode based on your needs.

Juggling multiple organizations is a breeze. Easily switch between them to access the right information.

Think of these as your personal knowledge bases. Bundle data from various sources like notes, PDFs, videos, websites, audio, images, and CSV files – your entire content library at your fingertips.

Keep track of all your conversations in one place. Access recent threads, search through the archives, or filter by date. Your valuable insights are always within reach.

Explore the "information app store" with its vast collection of public chat bundles ready for subscription. Discover curated content from bundleIQ and over 100 community-created bundles.

Chat Bundles
Have a stellar bundle you want to share? Turn it into a conversational AI subscription and publish it to the Marketplace with just a few clicks.

Manage your billing and subscriptions hassle-free from this central location.

For team plans, add new users and assign roles like owner, admin, contributor, or subscriber to control access levels within your organization.

The bell icon keeps you informed about recent uploads, new bundle additions, and team activities related to your work.

Customize your profile image, name, username, and settings to make Alani AI truly your own.

With this powerful navigation menu, you have complete control over your Alani AI experience. Master these features to maximize productivity and harness the full potential of AI-powered knowledge management.


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