Nicholas Mohnacky
January 24, 2023

Case Study: Streamlining Google Search Ad Creation by 66%

Nicholas Mohnacky
January 24, 2023


With bundleIQ Kevin Murray, a paid ads (PPC) specialist, increased his Google Ad campaign creation efficiency by reducing the setup process by 66%. Continue reading the case study below.

Creating Compelling Copy Isn't Easy

As a paid ads specialist, creating compelling and effective Google Search Ads can be a challenging task, especially when faced with limited resources, such as a subpar landing page with poor copy and unrelated keywords. However, after discovering and utilizing the bundleIQ platform, this process has become significantly more efficient and effective.

Leveraging bundleIQ's AI

The bundleIQ platform allows users to take the content from a landing page, summarize it, and then use that summary to generate several Google Search Ad recommendations, complete with headlines. This feature alone has been a game-changer for Kevin and his team, as it has allowed them to quickly and easily come up with relevant and compelling ad copy.

Cutting Hours and Effort by 66%

Before implementing bundleIQ, Kevin would spend anywhere from 5-7 hours, often burning the midnight oil, working on a single Google Ads account with multiple campaigns. However, with bundleIQ, this task now takes just over 2 hours, significantly reducing the time and effort required.

Gain a Competitive Edge with bundleIQ

Not only is bundleIQ saving Kevin time and effort, but it is also giving him a competitive edge by providing him with a list of relevant content that can be used to create different types of headlines, descriptions, and more. Kevin said he recommends others in the digital marketing field to give bundleIQ a try, as it can not only save time and effort but also reduce stress and increase effectiveness.

Some of Kevin's Clients: 

  • Planet Fitness
  • College Hunks
  • Massage Envy
  • Disney on Ice

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