July 21, 2023

Bundling Up Twitter Threads with bundleIQ

Nicholas Mohnacky

Bundle Up Twitter Threads with bundleIQ!

bundleIQ makes it easy to save and organize Twitter Threads, so you can keep track of conversations, research topics, and important information. With the bundleIQ Twitter integration, you can quickly create bundles of knowledge that help you identify relationships between different concepts and ideas.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Step 1: Create a bundleIQ account. Sign up for free and get started bundling your Twitter Threads in no time!

Step 2: Integrate with Twitter. Connect your Twitter account to bundleIQ and start organizing your threads into bundles.

Step 3: Tweet @bundleIQ and use the hashtag #bundleit. This will help us identify which threads you want to bundle together, so we can do the work for you!

To access the integrations page hover over the profile dropdown menu and click"Integrations."

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Nicholas Mohnacky
Tech Entrepreneur & Surfer
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