July 21, 2023

New Feature: AI-powered Summarization

Nicholas Mohnacky

Augmenting Legal Research with AI

According to the ABA 2020 Profile of the Profession report, lawyers spend an average of 17% of their time conducting legal research.

To augment the time it takes to read through long-form content, we built an intelligent workspace that amplifies lawyers' ability to "Get the Gist" faster. As a lawyer, you can generate AI-powered summaries and tease out relationships across disparate information. bundleIQ helps these knowledge workers understand 50 pages in less than one minute. Click here to Request a Demo. Click here to Watch a Pre-recorded Demo.

Watch the video to see how you can use AI to understand more in less time.

Source: Lawyers Spend 17% of Workday on Legal Research – Alta Pro Risk Purchasing Group – Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance https://altaprorpg.com/2020/11/01/lawyers-spend-17-of-workday-on-legal-research/

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Nicholas Mohnacky
Tech Entrepreneur & Surfer
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