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Connect the dots in your notes, documents, reports, and transcripts with bundleIQ, the AI-powered workspace that helps you read less, understand more, and create faster.
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We Help You Connect The Dots

Our patent-pending AI automatically graphs your data and intelligently suggests connections based on context.

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Highlight a phrase and get insights from your knowledge base anywhere on the web.

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Compliance Checklist

  • Data protection taken into account each time we process data.
  • Encrypt, pseudonymize, or anonymize personal data whenever possible.
  • Internal security policy for our team members and security awareness building strategy.
  • Secure and compliant data storage.

Your data belongs to you, period.

You should have total control over how it is accessed and used. IQ follows the most stringent security protocols to ensure your data is secure, including state of the art encryption and full compliance with rigorous privacy standards. We believe our users should enjoy the same level of data security that we expect for ourselves, full stop.