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Meet ALANI, your intelligent knowledge assistant that utilizes artificial intelligence to effortlessly source and find important information. ALANI analyzes your data and delivers the most relevant responses to your queries, making it simpler to connect the dots and gain valuable insights.
Are there attorneys fees awards for prevailing plaintiffs in labor co...
Yes, there are attorneys fees awards for prevailing plaintiffs in labor code violation cases. Attorney's fees in wage-and-hour cases are covered by two sections of the Labor Code: sections 218.5 and 1194. Section 218.5 allows for 'two-way' fee shifting - i.e., to the prevailing party, whether employee or employer - while Section 1194 only permits a prevailing employee to recover fees. [5]
[5] Attorney fees in Labor Code

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ALANI enables you to gather, analyze, and comprehend all of your data so that you can make informed decisions and identify relationships between various types of information.

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Import and aggregate data from internal and external sources.
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Surface Dark Data
Gone are the days of scattered documents and disorganized information. Our intuitive platform allows you to effortlessly upload and bundle your data, creating a centralized hub of knowledge. Say hello to clarity and goodbye to the chaos of information overload.
Semantic Search & More
With ALANI, your data becomes a treasure trove of insights waiting to be discovered. Our powerful algorithms work tirelessly to identify patterns, trends, and connections within your content. Uncover hidden gems within your data, and gain the advantage you need to make informed decisions.
Accelerated Learning
We believe that knowledge is power. That's why ALANI is designed to be your learning accelerator. Engage in real-time conversations with your bundled data through our innovative chat interface. Explore, question, and discover new perspectives, all while harnessing the power of collective intelligence.
Eureka Moments Await
Prepare yourself for those "Aha!" moments that fuel innovation and drive progress. ALANI facilitates the serendipitous connections between seemingly unrelated information, leading to breakthrough insights and game-changing discoveries. Unleash your creativity and watch as your ideas take flight.

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I've been really shocked at how good the Alani AI is at using my own data. I am testing a number of other systems that attempt to use my own data to answer questions, and none of them comes even close to doing as well as Alani (,, and Just thought I would share with you one answer I thought was exceptional because it got around some serious jargon in my question which doesn't appear in the cited article and because it actually answers the answer in a very concise yet totally complete way:"
5 stars
Dan Robinson, Attorney

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